Our annual upcoming South Fork Toutle outing Saturday, March 5th.  As far as I can tell, Vance and I have been hosting this event for more than 20 years, probably closer to 25.  We have upgraded our meeting/lunch gathering spot on the river from past days when we circled the trucks and used whatever to keep dry and warm.  Presently, we meet in the covered picnic area at Harry Gardner Park that the wonderful volunteers of Toutle/Castle Rock area built.  Top notch spot for some chili and fixin’s and a chance to check out the river.   It is also a great spot to cast a fly and practice your mending.

One thing that I always try to bore people with is watching the South Fork come back as a new river after the 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens.  One gets a chance to see how river changes each river.  Tough to fish because of lack of good holding water, but great because it’s one of few rivers that we have a lot of access to.

Take a short walk to the viewpoint at the west end of the park.  You will notice some of the work being done to control the meeting of the North and South Forks.  Great spot to go for a walk on the beach if inclined.

If you still like to get out and fish, make the short drive up the river to check it out.  It’s less than 10 miles from the park up to the river closure, the road is good, and there are a number of spots near the road that could hold a fish.  

Davis Lake - June 2018

Jerry Schroeder and I went to Davis lake for the last week in  June.   Now they require reservations in most camp sites there.  Morning/night temps were 33 degrees !!,, day temps good in high 70’s.    Good fishing,   trout healthy and fat; in the 4 to 6 lb class  ; white fish just as large.  Jerry caught most of the fish, although I had a few and many losses and short hits.   We used  the three flys noted in most cases. so it must be “the Indian and not the arrow” Lake about one to two feet lower than average.  Great caddis hatch in evening.. not many  damsels, although the newly emerging adults started to show the last day.  The “Buchman give-up retrieve “ caught two or three large rainbows.  Good numbers of 10-12  inch rainbows noted.

Here is one of the large 5 lb trout, you can tell by the fly /fish size how big it was, couldn’t lift it up for a side view ‘cause it was too heavy and would tilt the boat dangerously , so “better safe then sorry”... Bob

South Fork Toutle Outing - March 2022

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