​​​​​Becoming A Member Is Easy 

Each member is first and foremost a true lover

of fly fishing. Many of our members have developed

a vast amount of knowledge and experience and

love to share their expertise.

Membership Benefits Include:

Attend monthly meeting held on the 1st 

Wednesday of each month.

Access newsletters, magazines and resources available

from Fly Fishers International (FFI) website

Receive latest fishing reports.

Gather members round table of fishing information.

Listen to invited guest speakers.

Attend our "Wretched Gift Exchange" holiday dinner.

Attend our club auction.

Attend one or many of our club outing events.

Monthly Meetings Held on First Tuesday of Each Month.

       Regent Restaurant, Longview, Washington.
       Wet Fly Social Time: 5:30 PM.
       Meeting Time: 7:00 PM (Optional Dinner costs $12 to $25) 

Board Meetings Held Third Tuesday of Each Month.

      Regent Restaurant, Longview, Washington.
      Meeting Time: 5:30 PM (Open to Club Members)


Lower Columbia FlyFishers

PO Box 1495

Longview, WA 98632

Lower Columbia Flyfishers

President, Jeff Sowders
Vice President, John Kenagy
Treasurer, Dave Houten

Board Members
Bob Buchman

Lyle Barker

Hal Mahnke

Terry Frost

Ernie Starr

Larry Pipes


Ron Pihl