Lower Columbia Flyfishers

​​​​​​​​​​​Your Latest FlyFisher Edition...February

Meeting:  Longview Country Club, 41 Country Club Dr, Longview, WA

Time:   Wet Fly 6:30 pm
             Dinner 7:00 pm
Program:    Clamming w/ Dan Aryes, WDFW


Wait, what has clamming to do with flyfishing you might ask?.........Well may I remind you Bob Buchman has answered this question. Last I heard Bob’s catch was under review by not only WDFW but FFI and IGFA to be recognized as the world record clam on the fly.

In truth many of us are clam and clamming aficionados who recall Dan Ayers presenting a very well received program a couple short years ago on state of clamming Washington’s most favored beaches. And so Dan will return to give us the update on how our preferred bi-valves are doing.

What with all the concerns of acidification and climate change it should be another interesting evening.​

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