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  Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye! Come one and come all, to celebrate the season we bring you the Wretched Gift Exchange. Though given our advancing age perhaps “we celibate the season” might be more appropriate. Please arrive bearing one delightfully wrapped gift, one carrying your special mark. Your personal interpretation of wretched, your ‘piez de la excellence’. To help you along, we offer the following “wretched” interpretation as defined by Funk and Wagnall’s most excellent dictionary; “Wretched”; hapless, miserable, pathetic, piteous, not favored by fortune. Despicable, slimy, unworthy, vile,  morally bad or wrong. Deplorable, woeful, inferior, my personal favorite “execrable”, of low or inferior quality. Of course, those not having the stomach for wretched are welcomed to bring something of practical value, for having a mix of wretched and desirable does drive a more rigorous and raucous game. More on that later.

​​If you want to read more, download the PDF Version.

​​Your Latest FlyFisher Edition...December Edition
by Ron Pihl

Meeting:  Carriage Restaurant, 1334 12th Ave, Longview, WA

Time:   Wet Fly 6:30 pm
             Dinner 7:00 pm

Program:   Wretched Gift Exchange!