​​​​​​​​​​Your Latest FlyFisher Edition...June - Sept
by Ron Pihl

Meeting:  Longview Country Club, 41 Country Club Dr, Longview, WA

Time:   Wet Fly 6:30 pm
             Dinner 7:00 pm
Program:    Comradery, and Happy Independence Day to You All

LCFFSummer of Fishing - Scheduled programs have been suspended for the summer next scheduled program October 1st, 2019.


Let’s enjoy a LCFF Summer of Fishing. This summer’s programs will consist of who has been fishing, what were you fishing for, where are you going fishing next, when are you going, why are you going there and how can I find time to fish more.

We invite everyone not off on vacations, fishing expedition, or trolling the fine selection of merchandise offered
along banks of Lake Sacajawea join your pals and catch up on each other’s adventures to date. Say, for example,
some tales of the group recently back from a week at Chopaka, a few comments from which you’ll find later in this
edition. Or, maybe just an acceptable excuse to bail on doing the lawn and down a few adult beverages amongst others
so inclined.

We will continue to hold summer meeting schedule of first Tuesday of the month; June 4, July 2,
August 6, and Sept 3. Formal programs will resume for the official first meeting of the club’s fiscal
year, October 1.

​​​If you want to read more, download the PDF Version.

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