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Terry Frost


Lower Columbia Flyfishers

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General Meeting - Cancelled 


Wet Fly 6:00 pm
7:00 pm

Longview Country Club
41 Country Club Dr
Longview, WA 

 Board Meeting  - Cancelled              

​Next Board Meeting - 

Longview Country Club
Longview, WA  

6:30 pm

LCFF and Covid -19 Update

There will be no LCFF meeting on May 5th or Board meeting May 19th.

June meeting is up in the air, but seriously doubt that it will take place.

I am afraid we will be cancelling the Swafford Pond, Blue Gill outing as well.

Fishing is allowed again,  starting May 5th, but social distancing and no social gathering remains in effect.


​​​Bon Voyage’ Mr. Gee been good knowing ya! If you hadn’t yet heard Glenn and wife Christina have flown the coop, moving to Washington DC area to live closer to family and experience a little of the urbane lifestyle. It was a privilege to spend many of Glenn’s last days here walking the lake (social distancing behind a mask, of course) the last few weeks as well as not enough days on the water with him. Rest assured Glenn has scoped out fly‐fishing opportunities in the region. We wish you the very best Glenn, and trust we’ll remain in contact. 

Snag Lake

If you are looking for a different outlet, Here’s a note from Buchman on an option near home:
“I’ve been to Snag Lake in Pacific county three times this month… caught LOTS of rainbow and brown trout… all about 8-10 inches. On a three wgt Rod and four lb. test tippet.

Also caught a 5 lb. steelhead Game Dept. planted about two weeks ago I’m told. I must have seen about 6 steelhead in the clear water. This could be a good trip for the guys during warm weather…. Its about 1 hr. 15 min. from Longview.

What else is there to do ?

"Bob “