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If your goal is to learn more about fly fishing or advance your skills or just be around other anglers having great conversation and fun, come join the Lower Columbia FlyFishers.

Jeff Sowders

President’s Message - soliciting input on important club topics

Dear Members,

At our last board meeting we discussed a number of topics that we felt were the most important at this stage of the year for our club. A number of fly fishing clubs are struggling to hold their clubs together while having to meet online. The Longview Country Club has offered us a meeting place and we are all vaccinated, so we choose to hold meetings in person and hopefully, keep our club moving forward. Some of the things we decided at the meeting are included in our newsletter, but a few of them I decided to speak to. First of all, to have a CLUB AUCTION or not. As a group, we couldn’t come to a decision, so we decided to make it a topic for discussion at our February meeting. For many years, our club has held an auction, usually in January, to raise funds for projects that our club supported while offering club members a chance to purchase something that interested them. Members contributed auction items such as fly fishing gear, fishing trips, art work depicting fly fishing, gift baskets, good wine or booze, etc. These items were auctioned off to the membership and guests. Some years we could fill a ballroom with members and guests while lately we probably only get 20-30 members to bid on items members have donated. For the past few years, some have felt that the auction items were hardly worth the effort. First of all, many members have so much gear that they don’t need a new fly rod or other equipment, so the auction prices paid didn’t come close to the value of the item. On the other hand, many of the gifts seemed to be “re-gifted” items that were generally of little value, hardly worth adding to an auction to raise funds for donation. So, is the auction a worthwhile effort or not? We want to hear your views. If you can’t make it to the Feb. meeting and you have an opinion on the subject, please email myself or another board member. The other item that we could use your opinion on is FUTURE PROGRAMS. In the past, we have had guest speakers come speak to us on a wide range of topics - fish enhancement projects, fish projections, clam digging, salt water cutthroat fishing, the lives of smelt, guides, fishing opportunities, . . . Once again, if you have ideas about future topics you would like to learn more about and you think club members would enjoy, let us know. …….


​​​2021/2022 LCFF Club Dues 

2021/2022 LCFF club dues are now overdue. If you aren’t sure whether you are current contact club treasurer Dave Houten. Because it’s always a question, annual club dues are $25 with those members with 10 years membership and age 70 or over charged $10.

Send your dues to:

Lower Columbia FlyFishers
PO Box 1495
Longview, WA 98632

​Or Pay at the meeting.

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Note that this month there will be no regular club meeting due to Longview Country Club closure first 2 weeks in January. Next meeting will be Feb 3.

January Meeting Canceled!

Next Meeting: ​February 3rd

Wet Fly 6:00 pm
7:00 pm

Longview Country Club
41 Country Club Dr
Longview, WA 

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​Next Board Meeting - 

Thursday, February 17th
Longview Country Club
Longview, WA  

5:00 pm