South Fork Toutle Outing Report

Vance and Jeff put on a good show. A good dozen plus members enjoyed a little morning coffee to kick off the S Fork Toutle outing. After a warm-up of both beverage and fellowship everyone scattered around the river in search of the steel. 

From my perspective the S Fork was in excellent shape, water pretty clear with just a bit of color. I was able to wade across many of the channels in the mile or so above the railroad bridge. Weather was cooperative as well with the rain holding off until everyone was on the highway home.

A warm pot of chili along with assortment of condiments and beverages welcomed the group shortly after noon while we shared stream reports and general BS. Some excellent homemade sausages were a real treat.

In keeping with the theme of the year, a curious lack of all anadromous fish returns, this year’s outing was mighty lean on action despite the excellent fishing. Fortunately one fish was tagged thus saving our collective honor and allowing us to continue to wear pants.


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Jim Williams

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President Jim showed off the  LCFF logo Hi-Vis vests and sign-board at March LCFF  board meeting and they look great. Now to get going on some volunteer activities and put these to use.

Speaking of upcoming activities….. April brings the selection of youth we will be sponsoring to June’s Youth Flyfishing/Conservation Academy and the Youth Kids fishing Day at Lake Sacajawea returns Saturday April 29. Annual Bluegill outing is coming up end of May or early June. First week of June a fair-sized group is heading up to Chopaka Lake.

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