Upcoming Events

Aquatic Invasive Species

May 2nd

Wet Fly 6:30 pm
7:00 pm

Carriage Restaurant
1334 12th Ave
Longview, WA 

             Board Meeting                
Tuesday, May 16th
Masthead Restaurant
Longview WA  

6:30 pm

LCFF Bulletin Board 

May also brings election of LCFF Officers and Board. This year’s nominating committee headed by Jeff Sowders presents this recommended slate for your consideration;

President - Terry Frost                                    

Vice President - vacant Treasurer - Glenn Gee                                    

Past President - Jim Williams Board members - Bob Buchman, John Kenagy, Hal Mahnke, Doug Stafford, Dave Johnson, Vance Luff, Brian Davern

After a call for nominees from the floor election will be made by voice vote.

 Ron Pihl will return as newsletter editor as a non-board position.

2017 Youth Fly-Fishing and Conservation Acadmey

Deadline to submit application to the 2017 Youth Fly-Fishing and Conservation Acadmey has been extended to May 10, excessive snow days is cited as being responsible for weak sign-ups so several openings remain.

Board has voted to donate $1000 to support this school and sponsor a couple kids to the camp, encourage your friends and family to apply.


Lower Columbia Flyfishers

Whether you are a novice or an advanced fly fisher, we welcome you to explore our site. If you are interested in becoming a member or need more information, feel free to attend one of our monthly meetings or complete the enclosed form by pressing the Membership link listed above.
If your goal is to learn more about fly fishing or advance your skills or just be around other anglers having great conversation and fun, come join the Lower Columbia FlyFishers.

Jim Williams